Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Evidence of a full development process, including a web plan

Ahead of the scheduled deadline of Wednesday 22nd April at 9am.

See below evidence that I am working on the A14 Pastures New Assignment.

Thank you for viewing my submission of evidence.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Too many other commitments

Too many other commitments this week such as Easter egg hunts and socialising events have hindered my progress. Normally the only time I can start on my coursework is at 9pm, unfortunately at this time I usually have a short attention span and being on computers all day means I am very tired. Hopefully by booking two days leave off work next week will allow me time to concentrate on with my final project.

I have found creating a personal website is very difficult. I defiantly am the worst client I have dealt with; I pick faults with everything because I know I can do better. Over the past few weeks, I have been researching and developing screen designs. Now on the 8th version of my personal website, I think I have done it. Initially, I focussed on a photograph portrait but due to comments realised the opportunities an illustrated self portrait could offer, creating a visual example of my illustration skills while ensuring a friendly, professional and aesthetically pleasing design.

The final, final design, keeps to the one layout, utilising large links this should aid usability while the one image will ensure that artwork examples are the focal point of the webpage.

The main target for the next few days is to get a simple portfolio website done. Recently, I have been looking into lots of quirky javascript trickery, although it would be nice to integrate these techniques I feel this is probably a little too advanced for me at the moment.

Screenshot progress:

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Cracked on with my portfolio design

I have been juggled work this week between my personal portfolio and the final project, although it has been quite a challenge I feel disappointed I haven’t made more progress. On the plus side, I feel I have cracked on with my portfolio design. Following the comments I received from my fellow students and a brief chat last week with Steve the Tutor, I have removed my head from the webpage. Initial, I chose to use my head to give users an idea what I looked like, breaking the ice and thus adding a personal touch to an otherwise dull webpage. After considering all the feedback I decided to drop the head and set about creating a self-portrait, it may sound drastic however, I realised that it would look friendlier and show to people I can illustrate as well as create beautiful websites.

This is my self-portrait in cartoon form:
By not adding any shading will be easier to generate a vector version. Next week, I intend to complete the vectored image and insert it into the webpage. I even have drawn my trademark tanktop jumper.

These are my new screen designs:
(still not sure what colours to use yet. I would like it to look professional but not boring)

Weekly Time Sheet:
College=3hrs, Home=19hrs

These were my targets:
1. Research KS1 Maths and shapes
(I started but not have not completed to a satisfactory level)

2. Full development process = Target Audience, Competitive Analysis, Web Plan
(Completed Target Audience and part way through Competitive Analysis)

3. Create final portfolio screen designs
(After re-doing the designs I have created brand new set of screen designs)

Next weeks targets:
1. Gain some feedback on new portfolio designs and create initial website
2. Gather more research into KS1 Maths and develop resources
e.g. What am I shape quiz and division on the line
3. Complete Competitive Analysis and Web Plan

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Production Schedule - (deadline 9am, 1st April)

I thought this might be an April fool but I have done it anyway.
See below:

Initially, I thought it might be a great idea to enter the 2009 D&AD Open Brief: ‘What else do you do?’ however, following registering an interest searching through the categorises and selecting a web design brief that included everything required to begin the design process, I reconsidered my decision.

On the very slim chance I won and I do mean slim, I would get recognition of my efforts both by gaining an award and completing my project to a high standard, what a great achievement. Although I have to be realistic here, I am working on two projects and a presentation that all need completing in just over a months time. Time is something I have just realised is something I don’t have a lot of.

I have decided to do: The MLILB Creative Brief,
With a focus on the unit Ma3 Shape, space and measures

Weekly Timesheet
This is my time sheet from last Wednesday 25th March to Wednesday 1st April:

Full production schedule
If this requires to be created in a different format, I’m sure I will get to know when I am in college.

Month One:
Month Two:

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Portfolio development

I am unable to decide between these three ideas - feedback would be appreciated. I will be posting these on the forum. Hopefully your feedback will allow me to choose just one.



Feedback would be appreciated.